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TP4S in the News – Applying to College in 2020

TP4S director, Heather Krey, was quoted in The City Review article about applying to college in 2020.


How will the pandemic change applying to college in 2020?  A lot!  COVID affected the ability of students to take the SAT, ACT, and AP exams.  It has also had a significant impact on grades and GPAs.  Worse, this impact varied from high school to high school, so admissions officers will have a difficult time understanding each student’s situation.  Not to mention, COVID led to cancellations of most extracurricular activities for many students.  College admissions officers will need to make some tough decisions with less information than ever.


There are some possible strategies for high school students who want to stand out when applying to college in 2020.  For instance, they can provide as much quantitative information as possible, such as SAT, ACT, and subject test scores, even when the tests are not required.  They might also replace cancelled activities with outside-the-box creative ideas, such as starting a blog or an online business.


It’s also true that nobody knows for sure how the environment will affect schools’ ability to offer financial aid and merit aid.  One way of dealing with this uncertainty is for students to apply to more schools to maximize their chances of a strong financial award.  While applying to 10 or more schools would have been a lot for a student in 2019, it might be the best plan for a student in 2020.


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