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What People Say About Our SAT ACT Combo Test...

You can get the SAT ACT Combo Test book here!

SAT ACT Combo Test

Heather Krey has provided this one-of-a-kind test that will save you considerable time.  What are you waiting for?  Now is the time to start working towards a high score!


Kelly Finn
CEO Finn Prep

SAT ACT Combo Test

Who wants to pay the fees or waste seven hours taking an SAT and ACT when you can take Heather Krey’s SAT and ACT Combo Test? Heather shows you how to choose the right test to get your maximum results, and gives you section-by-section tips to succeed on test day. Trust her expertise on how—and how much—to study. Every student should avail themselves of the opportunity that they will find in this book.

Amy Seeley
President Seeley Test Pros

SAT ACT Combo Test Prep

The tips at the beginning of each section were useful and helped me avoid spending too much time on a problem.  The next steps section is helpful, especially if you’re just getting started.  I would recommend the Combo Test to my friends because it shows what you need to study the most.

Eishah M.
Junior at Parkland High School

SAT ACT Combo Test Prep

This combo test was excellent because it gave me a useful estimate of how I will score on the SAT and ACT.  It gave a time limit for each section, which is what a real test is going to feel like.  The tips will help me when I take the actual test and the instructions were crystal clear.

Kelly N.
Junior at Lehigh Valley Academy

SAT ACT Test Prep

If you are having trouble deciding between the SAT or ACT, take this test to help.  I feel more prepared for the SAT and ACT because of this test.

Shreya P.
Junior at Parkland High School

What SAT/ACT Prep Students Say...

SAT ACT Test Prep

It was a pleasant experience in general, lots of content and strategy expressed in the tutoring sessions being an overall help with my scores!

Ali M.
Senior at Parkland High School

SAT ACT Test Prep

I liked the involvement and how they would explain how the questions were right because of something and wrong because of something else.

Cameron P.
Senior at Allentown Central Catholic

SAT ACT Test Prep

The experience at Test Prep for Success taught me things that I have not thought about in years, and helped me re-understand.

Dustin Y.
Senior at Northwestern Lehigh

SAT ACT Test Prep

I would like to thank Ms. Krey for the outstanding academic skills and strategies Test Prep for Success has taught me. Due to her assistance, I feel I possess a new level of confidence in regards to SAT/ACT testing and a better overall work ethic in the classroom setting.

Senior at Southern Lehigh High School


TP4S helped me prepare for the SAT and develop better study habits. The one on one attention really helped me understand the materials better. Getting feedback from practice SATs helped me to see where I made mistakes and understand the testing material better.

Davonte H
Emmaus High School, Class of 2021


The teacher was really nice and gave very helpful information on taking standardized tests and the college admissions process.

Megan H
Emmaus High School, Class of 2021


Test Prep for Success opened doors for me. Heather helped me differentiate myself from other high school seniors applying to the same schools as me. I was only at test prep for about a month and raised my ACT score by 7 points! Heather makes sure each student has all the tools they need to succeed, as long as they are willing to put in the work. Going to Test Prep for Success was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Lindsey N
Northampton High School, Class of 2021


Working with Ms. Krey definitely raised my SAT score, which was helpful because Georgetown still required SAT scores to be sent this year.

Charlotte S
Liberty High School, Class of 2021 (future student at Georgetown University)


Heather helped me study for the ACT and get the score I wanted! This score got me more merit aid at college.

Brooke A
Southern Lehigh High School, Class of 2021

SAT ACT Prep for Reading and Writing

Thank you so much for offering me very worthwhile advice and strategies for the Reading and Writing sections of the SAT this June. My results came back and I got 1500!

Sean D
Class of 2022

Hi Heather! Just letting you know my ACT score came back today! I received a 25 and earned the additional scholarship for college! Thank you so much for all your advice and help! Couldn’t have done it without you!

Kylee B
Rising freshman to University of Michigan – Flint

What Parents Say...


Thank you so much for helping my son achieve a 110 point increase on his SAT score!  The quality of instruction provided by Test Prep for Success and its use of analytics is second to none. Heather Krey has a unique ability to convey often very complex material in a way students can understand.  Her knowledge and patience gave my son the confidence he needed to succeed. Now he can apply to his dream schools.

Kerry M
Parent at Bethlehem Catholic High School

Well you worked your magic again – I cannot thank you enough for being there for Sydney for her SAT prep and her Praxis help.  You have a way of teaching that Sydney understands and learns from.  I think it is not only your teaching skills but you also give the confidence that she needed to feel like she could pass them!  You have definitely had a HUGE impact on her life and helped her to reach her goal of becoming a teacher.


THANK YOU!!!!  You are truly one of a kind!! … Thank you again for being a wonderful tutor and a person!  You are the BEST!

Tammy D.
Parent of a College Student


After all that we have been through together, I wanted to share the good news with you that my daughter has been accepted at her top choice school!!!  So thank you very much for all of your help and support as we have navigated the SAT/ACT/College application process during a global pandemic.  The tools and problem solving techniques you showed her gave her the extra confidence she needed to be successful.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Becca T
TP4S Parent of Townson University Student

PSAT SAT Test Prep

Heather is very personable and puts kids at ease quickly. She knows the tests, the strategies for both reading and math and she is a great PSAT/SAT prep tutor.

Susan B.
Parent of Junior at Easton Area High School

Academic tutoring in 5th grade math

I’m not sure if my son told you, but he now has a 100% in math!!! He is so much more confident with math and school. It’s nice to see him smile again. THANK YOU!!

Jesse K.
TP4S Parent

SAT ACT Test Prep

It was a pleasure working with Mrs. Krey, she was extremely personable, knowledgeable and helpful.

Parent of Senior at Northwestern Lehigh High School

SAT ACT Test Prep

The tutoring really helped my son prior to the test. It familiarized him with the way to think and strategize his approach to the questions.

Michelle R.
Parent of Junior at Emmaus High School

What Tutoring Students Say...

Academic Tutoring in Algebra

Tutoring with Heather will give you confidence in whatever you may need.

Isabelle H
Emmaus High School, Class of 2021

Academic Tutoring in Calculus

Test Prep for Success helped me when I was struggling with AP Statistics. I worked with a tutor who helped me better understand the material and bring my grade up.

Tovi A
Emmaus High School, Class of 2021

Academic Tutoring in Chemistry

TP4S helped me increase my SAT score significantly! It also helped me do well in Chemisty.

Jillian M
Emmaus High School, Class of 2021

Online Tutoring for Geometry

Ms. Krey was extremely helpful with my online geometry class and a pleasure to work with.

Jillian M.
Junior at Emmaus High School