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Free Teacher Resources

Teachers, you are welcome to save, copy, and share these materials with your students and colleagues as much as you like. If you have any questions about them or requests for additional materials, you can send them to . Please also email me if you notice any mistakes in the materials, so I can correct them. Many blessings to you as you do the good work of caring for and educating our kids.


SAT/ACT Verbal:

Vocabulary Challenges – This page has 40 vocabulary matching activities. They are not specific to the SAT or ACT  but would certainly fit in to any test prep class. Use them as bell-ringers or warm-up activities. Each activity is an individual image that can be saved and shared. Update: Answer keys have been added (but you can still use a dictionary if you like).

Grammar Practice – This page has 40 multiple choice grammar questions. Each question is an individual image that can be saved and shared. Now with answer keys.

ACT Style Reading Comprehension Passage 1 – This fiction passage is a little shorter than most ACT passages, with just 6 questions, but is good practice and can be completed in just 6 minutes. Copying permitted for education use.

ACT Style Reading Comprehension Passage 2 – This is a non-fiction passage with 7 questions.

Latin and Greek roots – An activity that relates SAT vocabulary back to its Latin and Greek roots



ACT Probability Questions – pdf worksheet with 8 ACT-like probability questions. Answer key included.

ACT linear equations practice – pdf worksheet with 7 ACT-like linear equation questions. Answer key included.

ACT math for Pi Day – pdf worksheet with 4 ACT-like questions written especially for March 14th

SAT like mathematical model questions – pdf worksheet with 14 SAT-like questions on the topic of understanding linear and exponential models. Answer key included.

SAT like polynomial functions – pdf worksheet with 18 SAT-like questions that have a strong focus on helping students make the connection between the x-intercepts of a graph and the factors of a function. Answer key included.

SAT like table questions – pdf worksheet with 11 multiple choice questions like what you will find on the SAT. All questions have an associated table. Answer key included.

SAT like percentage questions – pdf worksheet with 22 SAT-like questions on the topic of percentages. Organized by difficulty with answer key.

Math Practice – 40 SAT-like math questions ready to insert into a PowerPoint presentation or share on social media. Now including 10 video explanations, and more will be added soon.

Mindset Strategy Practice for SAT Math – Excerpts from my forthcoming book. I’ve included a sample activity from each chapter. Make sure to check out chapter 12 for an entire practice math SAT with scoring chart.

Ultimate Formula Sheet for the SAT – Everything you need to know for SAT Math in a very small package

Ultimate Formula Sheet for the ACT – Everything you need to know for ACT math in 5 pages.

Glossary of SAT Math Terms – Must-know vocabulary for the Math section of the SAT


Other Math: 

Algebra Games: Great middle school teacher resources!  This website gives 10 lessons under the theme of “Algebra Games.” Each day has a themed worksheet created by Heather Krey on a pre-algebra topic, such as fractions, integers, order of operations, one- and two-step equations, and plotting points. There are also links to related games that allow students to practice these concepts and have some fun at the same time. Some games are printable pdfs and others are online.

Mission Trigonometry: Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to prepare students who have never studied trigonometry for the SAT and ACT. The worksheets below should help. Good luck. In all seriousness… I created these worksheets for a 12-day summer skill builder class. They are not SAT or ACT specific, but they are intended to only cover the topics on these tests rather than all of trig.


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heather Kray, Owner of TP4S - offering great free teacher resources and other guides for learning Passionate about helping her students achieve their college dreams by being their coach and cheerleader as they prep for the SAT and ACT, Heather Krey is an experienced instructor with teaching certificates in math, physics, chemistry, and English. She knows the best tips and strategies for these tests – and she also understands that students need encouragement and practice to do their best. With dual bachelor’s degrees in industrial engineering and psychology from Lehigh University, she also holds masters of education degrees in mathematics from DeSales University and in teaching from Kutztown University. Heather lives in Allentown, PA, with her husband and three children.