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SAT and ACT Practice

Here at Test Prep for Success, we believe that every student should prepare for a personal best. It has been our experience that students who practice a few hours per week over 4-6 months can raise their SAT scores by about 200 points and their ACT scores by about 6 points. Score improvements like these can be game-changers when it comes to getting accepted to competitive colleges and earning merit scholarships.

We think the best way to practice for the SAT and ACT is by signing up for one of our test prep packages.  However, we also have a library of free study material that anyone can access right away.

Library of Free SAT and ACT Practice Material


  • 40 Vocabulary Challenge Activities
  • Ultimate Formula Sheet for the SAT
  • 40 Grammar Challenges for the SAT and ACT
  • Ultimate Formula Sheet for the ACT
  • 40 SAT Math Challenges
  • Week of the SAT Study Guide
  • Sample activities from every chapter of Mindset Strategy Practice for SAT Math
  • and much more!

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Test Prep for Success is a small business that offers high-quality tutoring from caring, experienced teachers.  We specialize in SAT and ACT prep and offer academic tutoring in a range of subjects.