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Rates & Packages

Test Prep for Success is offering some exciting new programs for fall of 2020! Our most popular services are now offered 100% online:

Test Prep Tutoring - You meet one-on-one with a tutor for a lesson that is completely personalized for you.

SAT/ACT Combo Classes - You still have a live teacher, but there will be a few other students attending the lesson with you. Our average class size is 5-10 students.

Zoom Proctored Practice Tests - You and a few other students take the test at the same time, with a teacher guiding you through the process.

Take-at-home Practice Tests - You take the test on your own at home, but we still help you plan for the test and provide you with our 11 page score report.

What's new is that test prep tutoring students can now take unlimited classes and practice tests! The classes are not required for tutoring students, but they are included should you wish to attend. If you prefer just to take the classes and some practice tests, there's a package for that at a great new price! You're also welcome to try our services one by one using the non-package pricing. Finally, if you need tutoring for a subject other than the SAT or ACT, then select our academic tutoring package.

Whichever services you select, you can be assured that you will have a great experience with people who really care about you and your education at Test Prep for Success.


Complete Test Prep TutoringCondensed Test Prep TutoringClasses & Tests PackageAcademic Tutoring Package
Orientation Meeting30 Minutes30 Minutes-30 Minutes
 One-on-One Tutoring20 Hours10 Hours-10 Hours
Additional Tutoring$80/hour$80/hour-$80/hour
Unlimited SAT/ACT Classes*1 Year6 Months6 Months-
Unlimited Practice Tests**1 Year6 Months6 Months-
Website Membership1 year6 months6 months1 year (add on)

*SAT/ACT Combo Classes meet online most Sundays from 1:30-3:30 EST. See for the full schedule.

**Unlimited practice tests include both the Zoom Proctored Practice Tests, which are on the TP4S calendar, and the Take-at-home Tests, which are unscheduled.  TP4S will provide you with the test materials, grade your test, and email a pdf of our 11-page score report. The optional essay is NOT included but can be added to any test for $30.

Individual (non-package) Prices

One Hour Tutoring: $90

One SAT/ACT Combo Class: $50

Zoom Proctored Practice Test (ACT/SAT): $50

Take-at-home Practice Test: $25

Essay Grade: $30

Test Prep for Success is committed to serving all ambitious students, regardless of their families' financial situation. If cost is prohibitive for you, please fill out an application for a reduced rate.

SAT and ACT Workshops will not be held over the school year but may be brought back for summer 2021.

SAT and ACT Weekend Boot Camps may be offered as fundraisers for PTAs and other school groups. Email   for more information.