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Rates & Packages

Test Prep Packages:

These four packages are for students preparing for the SAT and/or ACT.

Complete Test Prep Tutoring Condensed Test Prep Tutoring Classes & Tests Package  Tutoring Only Package
Orientation Meeting 30 Minutes 30 Minutes - 30 Minutes
Private Tutoring 20 Hours 10 Hours - 10 Hours
Unlimited Classes 1 Year 6 Months 6 Months -
Unlimited Practice Tests 1 Year 6 Months 6 Months 10-20 Weeks
Website Membership 1 Year 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months
Price $3000 $1800 $650 $1200
Mindprint (optional add-on) $99 $99 $99 $99

Academic Tutoring Package:

This package is for students who need help with a current academic class.  Heather specializes in tutoring for all math subjects, from middle school through college.  She can also assist with many physics, chemistry, and English classes.  This package can also be used for standardized tests other than the SAT and ACT, including GRE, Praxis, SSAT, ISEE, and others.

10 hours of private tutoring



Non-Package Prices:

One hour tutoring (SAT or ACT): $120

One hour tutoring (academic): $100

Diagnostic test (SAT or ACT): Free

Practice test: $25 (after diagnostic has been used)

Single Class: $75

Mindprint Cognitive Assessment: $230

Financial Assistance:

Test Prep for Success is committed to serving all ambitious students, regardless of their financial situation. If cost is prohibitive for you, please fill out an application for a reduced rate.

Not sure which package is best for you?

Complete Test Prep Tutoring – The ultimate test prep program!  Best for students who are in 10th grade or the beginning of 11th and want to work consistently to build their skills over time.

Condensed Test Prep Tutoring – Regular meetings with a tutor add structure and accountability to your test preparation.  This package is best for students who will be taking the SAT or ACT within the next 6 months and are looking to improve their SAT scores by more than 100 points or their ACT scores by more than 3 points.  Our most popular package.

Classes & Tests – Best for students who are self-motivated, need a moderate score improvement, or are on a budget.

Tutoring Only Package – Best for students who have less than 10 weeks to prep, have schedules that will prevent them from attending any classes, or have special educational circumstances.

Academic Tutoring - This tutoring gives extra support for a class you are currently taking in high school.  Academic Tutoring is not for SAT or ACT prep.


All classes and private tutoring sessions are offered over Zoom.

Private tutoring means you will be meeting one-on-one with your tutor and the lesson will be entirely personalized for you.  This includes all test prep and academic tutoring. Heather can only accept 15 private tutoring students at a time, so there may be a waiting list for these services.  Reach out to to inquire about her availability.

Our test prep classes have a live teacher and a few other students.  They have an average size of about 4-5 students and a maximum of 10.  These classes are designed to be taken in any order, so you can join in whenever you're ready and start learning right away.  A 6-month subscription means you can attend all classes and other events on the TP4S calendar for the duration of your subscription.  This includes the SAT/ACT Combo Classes, Digital SAT Classes, Advanced PSAT classes, and more.  After you purchase your subscription, we will get in touch with you to ask which classes you plan to attend. Class recordings are posted to the members only section of our website.

SAT and ACT practice tests include an 11-page professional score report.  These tests are offered with a live proctor once per month.  Students can also elect to take the test on their own as homework and submit their answers when finished.  ACT tests do not include the optional essay.  All test prep students are required to complete a minimum of one practice test per month.

Test prep classroom students who complete their 6-month subscription can extend the subscription for $140 per month.

Whichever services you select, you will be working with a professional teacher who cares about you and your education.