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Mindprint Cognitive Assessment


The Mindprint Cognitive Assessment is a one-hour online assessment that will help us pinpoint the ways you learn best and any cognitive blockers that could be getting between you and your goals. This one-hour assessment uses science and data from Penn Medicine to determine whether your cognitive profile is more suited for the SAT or ACT. Once you’ve completed the test, you will receive copies of 5 useful reports, a toolbox of teaching strategies best suited to your cognitive profile, and a 30-minute meeting with the TP4S director and/or your tutor to review the results.

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Mindprint is a self-paced online cognitive assessment. It was developed by scientists at Penn Medicine with a grant from the National Institute of Mental Health. It measures the ten cognitive skills most closely correlated to success in academics and on standardized tests. The Mindprint reports give tutors insights into the unique learning needs of each of their students and allows them to customize their instruction to maximize both their efficiency and effectiveness leading to better student outcomes. A practice test will tell you what a student got wrong, Mindprint will tell why and what you can do about it.


The Mindprint Test Prep Reports are specifically designed to support students and tutors who are prepping for the SAT and ACT. The reports will tell you whether a student has a cognitive affinity for one test over the other and by how much. They will project potential scoring ranges for each test and each section and provide a worksheet to help tutors identify the areas of greatest potential improvement. They also map suggested test prep and learning strategies to each individual student’s unique strengths.


When you take the Mindprint Cognitive Assessment through Test Prep for Success, you and your tutor will receive access to the full battery of Mindprint reports.  We will also schedule a 30-minute meeting with the TP4S director and/or your tutor to go through the results together.  We will use this information together with the results of practice tests and any other information you share with us to plan the best tutoring experience for the student.


Cognitive skills measured by this test: Visual Motor Speed, Processing Speed, Attention, Working Memory, Flexible Thinking, Verbal Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, Spatial Perception, Verbal Memory, Visual Memory

Reports: Academic Profile, SAT Report, ACT Report, SAT/ACT Report, Student Learner Profile

Also includes: Student learner toolbox with the top strategies recommended for your student, a 30-minute meeting with the TP4S director to discuss the results


Check out this video for more information on what Mindprint does.

This Mindprint skills assessment can be purchased separately or purchased as an add-on to our tutoring packages.


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