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Mindset Strategy Practice for SAT Math – Free Preview (TP4S)

This page includes selected chapters and activities from my book, Mindset Strategy Practice for SAT Math. With more than 400 pages and almost 700 practice problems, this book will help students build their skills in every topic covered in the SAT’s math sections. The questions are organized by type (calculator vs. no calculator and multiple-choice vs. grid-in) and difficulty level. I also draw from my nearly two decades as a test prep professional to support the reader’s overall strategy while building their confidence and helping them manage any test anxiety. Since I do hope to publish this book in print form some day, I am only posting selections here. As always, if you notice any errors, please send me an email.


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Mindset Strategy Practice for SAT Math

by Heather Krey, M.Ed.

Chapter 1 – Success Strategies for SAT Math

Chapter 2 – Fractions, Decimals, & Percentages

Chapter 3 – Rates, Ratios, & Proportions

Chapter 4 – Polynomials, Exponents & Roots

Chapter 5 – Equations & Inequalities

Chapter 6 – Mathematical Models

  • MSP Ch6 Sample – Full Chapter (Pre-test, Mindset, Strategy, Practice, Post-test, Answer Key)

Chapter 7 – Geometry

Chapter 8 – Trigonometry

Chapter 9 – The Language of Functions

Chapter 10 – Graphing

Chapter 11 – Data & Statistics

Chapter 12 – Sample Test

  • MSP Ch12 Sample – Full Chapter (Mindset, Sample No Calculator Section, Sample With Calculator Section, Scoring Guide)



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