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Fundraising with Test Prep for Success


Test Prep for Success loves to support our students and their clubs!

We are happy to work with schools, PTAs, honor societies, sports teams, youth groups, high school theater programs, and other groups that work with high schoolers and would benefit from fundraising.  Test Prep for Success is pleased to offer our full quality educational experience to students who participate in these fundraisers.  Organizations partner with us by doing some of the promotion and planning of the test prep program.  In return, they keep a generous portion of the proceeds.


Practice Test Fundraiser:  

This simple one-day fundraiser will help your students prepare for the SAT or ACT and raise funds for your group!

How it works: Your organization advertises and organizes a full-length practice SAT or ACT.  The organization has full control of the date, time, and price for the test.  It is up to the organization to secure the location and have volunteers serve as proctors.  If you choose to have a test with an online proctor, Test Prep for Success will provide the proctor and the zoom meeting room.  We can also accommodate students who aren’t available on the date you select but are willing to take the practice test at home.

Test Prep for Success will work with you before the practice test to make sure your day is a success!  This includes providing you with a printable practice test and answer sheet that you can give to all the students who sign up.  Once the students complete their tests, send their answer sheets to us either by scanning them or sending them by snail-mail.  We will provide each student with a professional score report that includes their scores and subscores, their answers and the correct answers, and several pages of charts and graphs that outline their strengths and weaknesses.

How you raise funds: Your organization can set whatever price you feel is fair for this test.  (We recommend $25.)  You will only need to pay Test Prep for Success $10 per practice test to grade the tests and make the score reports.  The difference between the funds you collect and the $10 per test you send to us stays with your organization.


SAT or ACT Class Fundraiser:

This fundraiser will provide your students with valuable advice and strategies for the SAT or ACT while also raising money for your organization.

How it works:  Select one or more of our two-hour classes from the following list for your students.  Each of the classes can be modified for your group’s needs.  We will work with you to pick the date and time for the class(s) and will present the class in a live online setting.  It is up to the organization to promote the class and determine and collect the fee.  The organization will submit $15 per student per class to Test Prep for Success and retain the remainder of the funds.  The minimum class size is 5 students.  If there are more than 20 students, we will split them into sections.

  • An introduction to the SAT and ACT
  • Success Strategies for the Reading Comprehension Section
  • Success Strategies for the Writing Section
  • Success Strategies for the Math Sections
  • Success Strategies for ACT Science
  • SAT Power Session
  • Debrief Session (follow up to a specific practice test)


Next Step:

If you are interested in organizing one of these fundraisers or would like some more information, send an email to