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New ACT and SAT Practice Questions

Test Prep for Success

New ACT and SAT Practice Questions

Test Prep for Success is happy to announce that new ACT and SAT practice questions are available for free on the Teacher Resources page of our website.

Test prep gets a bad rap as being dry, a waste of time, and only available to the wealthy.  It doesn’t have to be any of these things! I’ve been a teacher and test prep tutor for almost 2 decades, and I love my job.  Every day, I have the chance to interact with students and build up both their knowledge base and confidence.  My own education has been eclectic: from studying Latin and Greek in high school to college degrees in engineering, psychology, mathematics, and education.  Looking back at all the twists and turns, I can honestly say that nothing I studied was a waste of time.  SAT and ACT prep is no different!  (Check out this blog post about all the ways SAT prep will help students well after they are done with the SAT.)

I also understand that the world we live in is full of inequality, and I would not be satisfied with my business or career if they were a part of that problem.  I have three ways of addressing this.  First, I hold free practice SAT and ACT tests about once a month.  Second, I offer reduced rates for classes and tutoring to anyone who cannot afford my regular rates.  (Click here to see when the next free test is scheduled, and click here for the application for financial assistance.)

Free Teacher Resources

This page of free teacher resources is one more way for me to share my love of learning and teaching with students everywhere.  The resources are a collection of material I have created to help my SAT and ACT students.  It includes 120 warm-up activities, a few sample reading passages, and an entire math SAT practice test.  (Check it out in Chapter 12 0f Mindset Strategy Practice for SAT Math.)  There is also a general math section that includes 10-day skill builder programs in pre-algebra and trigonometry.


Teachers, you are welcome to save, copy, and share these materials with your students and colleagues as much as you like.  If you have any questions about them or requests for additional materials, you can send them to .  Please also email me if you notice any mistakes in the materials, so I can correct them.  You should also check the page often, as I will be adding new materials regularly.  Many blessings to you as you do the good work of caring for and educating our kids.