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We’re Open!

We’re open! The paint is dry, the signs are up, and school is open for business! We’re looking forward to being your source of sanity…

moving day

Moving Day!

It’s moving day! Test Prep for Success is looking like a school! We have a whiteboard, student desks with comfy chairs, and a bookstore. All…

getting closer

Getting Closer

We’re getting closer! Just a little more paint, and Test Prep for Success will be ready to welcome you to study in our brand new…


Seminar Tomorrow!

Should you take the SAT, ACT, both, or neither? The experts at Test Prep for Success are hosting a seminar tomorrow to give you the…

new location

New Location!

Announcing Our new location! Test Prep for Success is happy to announce that we will be opening up a test prep center in Allentown in…