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About our classes

At TP4S, we’re passionate about offering the best test prep experience possible. Our online classes are always live, meaning the students and teacher can always see and hear each other just like in an in-person classroom. Because our average class size is only 4 students, we can really get to know you. All classes are offered in an ongoing format, meaning you can start at any time and get right to learning.


Our classes are sold on a subscription basis, meaning that if you purchase a 6-month subscription, you are welcome to attend all the events on our class calendar. However, no one should attend ALL the classes because that’s too many!  Instead, pick out the events that work for your needs and your schedule. Most students aim for one class per week during the school year and two per week during the summer.


If you’re not sure what classes to attend, just send an email or give us a call. TP4S is a small business, so we take the time to get to know you and guide you through the best test prep process for you.


SAT/ACT Combo Classes –

The Green Classes on our calendar are designed for the on-paper tests.  The paper versions of the SAT and ACT are very similar, so you can study for both tests at the same time.  If you are studying for either or both of these tests, take the combo class.


Digital SAT Classes –

The Blue Classes on our calendar are for students who plan to take the digital SAT, which will be offered in the US starting in March of 2024.  The digital version of the SAT is already being offered internationally, so if you reside anywhere other than the US and are prepping for the SAT, this is the class for you.


Advanced PSAT Classes –

These advanced classes (Dark Blue) are specifically designed for students who are taking the PSAT in October and hope to score high enough to earn a prestigious National Merit Scholarship. It is only recommended for students who have already scored a 1360 or above on a practice SAT.  We push students in this class to be the best, so expect at least 3 hours of homework each week.


SAT and ACT Power Classes –

The Orange Classes are usually scheduled on the week leading up to a National Test Day.  The emphasis is on timed drills and getting into the right mindset for Test Day: calm, confident, and ready.


Proctored Practice Tests –

We offer a proctored practice ACT on the second Saturday of each month and a proctored practice SAT on the third Saturday (Purple).  If a student is busy on the day of the proctored test, they can take their test on their own time and send us the answers. Please note that proctoring is only available for the paper ACT and SAT.


Combining Classes with Tutoring –

For the best results, you’re strongly encouraged to sign up for private tutoring in addition to attending classes.  Our classes are designed to be flexible and convenient and are an excellent way to review topics that will be covered on the tests.  However, regular meetings with your tutor will add the structure and accountability most of us need to be successful.  Your tutor will give personalized homework assignments and spend most of each meeting carefully reviewing the questions you struggled with.  Your tutor will help you develop the ideal test-taking strategy for each section of your test.  They will also help you navigate which classes to attend and when to sign up for your official tests.

The Complete Test Prep Package and Condensed Test Prep Package include this ideal combination of classes and tutoring.