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Algebra Games

Welcome to Algebra Games! 

May the odds be in your favor.



Algebra Games is a 10 Day skill builder class Test Prep for Success is making available free of charge during these challenging times.  It can be used as an enrichment activity for students who are in or are ready for pre-algebra.  Students currently taking Algebra 1 can use this as a review.  Many thanks to Suzanne Collins for inspiring the fun “Algebra Games” theme!  Heather Krey, director of Test Prep for Success, created the ten worksheets and the Mean Median Mode and Range Card Game.  The additional games for each topic were collected from various educators who were kind enough to share their materials.

It is our hope that this site will give parents, educators, and children a fun way to practice their math skills while their normal routines have been disrupted by this national emergency.

Let the games begin!


Day 1: Fractions

Day 1 Worksheet

Game: Moonshot Game

Game: Day 1 – Fraction Bump


Day 2: Integer Operations

Day 2 Worksheet

Game: Day 2 – Integer Golf

Game: Integers Jeopardy  


Day 3: Order Of Operations

Day 3 Worksheet

Game: Millionaire 


Day 4: One-Step Equations

Day 4 Worksheet

Game: Equation Basketball


Day 5: Two-Step Equations

Day 5 Worksheet

Game: Equation Basketball I(2-step)


Day 6: Multi-Step Equations

Day 6 Worksheet

Game: Kahoot


Day 7: Proportions

Day 7 Worksheet

Game: Day 7 – Road Trip


Day 8: Percentages

Day 8 Worksheet

Game: Quizlet Match


Day 9: Statistics

Day 9 Worksheet

Game: Day 9 Mean Median Mode Range Card Game


Day 10: Plotting Points

Day 10 Worksheet

Game: Graphing Points Game


Finally, for an additional challenge that covers all topics, try the PreAlgeCaching Game!

(This last one is definitely worth trying!)

Note: Worksheet answer keys will be available soon!

Any questions or comments can be sent to