Our Vision

Test Prep for Success is dedicated to providing the highest quality SAT and ACT instruction available for high school students in the Lehigh Valley. We are educators first and business people second. Therefore, we will never sacrifice personal connections for profits, and we will strive to make our services affordable so that all students can prepare for their personal best.

Upcoming Events

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Algebra Games
Monday and Wednesday 10:00 – 11:00
This class is perfect for the gamers out there who need to keep their math skills sharp over the summer.  We will play Integer Golf, Fraction Bump, and the Mean Median Mode card game.  We will go on an online scavenger hunt and a mathematical road trip.  The skills we will be playfully developing include integer operations, fractions and decimals, rates and ratios, simplifying expressions, solving equations, and finite math. This class is perfect for students entering grades 7-10 who are about to start or have just completed pre-Algebra or Algebra I. 

Basic Trigonometry
Monday and Wednesday 11:00 – 12:00
Did you know both the SAT and ACT cover basic trigonometry?  You’ll learn all the trig you need for these two tests while keeping your math skills sharp over the summer months.  Don’t worry if you haven’t taken trig before – this class will start right at the beginning and help you develop a strong foundation of the sine, cosine, and tangent functions, including how to find, calculate, and graph them.  You should also consider attending if you’ve had some trig in the past but need to build your confidence in the subject. 

Percy Jackson Book Club
Wednesdays 12:00 – 1:00
Can you read 5 books in 5 weeks?  The hardest part will be not reading them in 5 days when the books are the widely popular Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan.  After our kick off session, we’ll read this exciting 5 book series, one book per week, and will meet each week to talk about our favorite parts and learn some cool stuff about Greek Mythology. This book club is designed for readers entering 5th  6th or 7th grade who are meeting Percy Jackson for the first time or re-reading this all-time favorite. 

(dates and times are subject to change) Please email us to let us know if you are interested in any of these seminars, or if there are any other subjects you are looking for this summer!

Our Commitment to you


All our teachers are certified to teach in PA public schools and have test prep specific experience and training


All our classes can be taken in any order and in any combination, so they are sure to fit in your busy schedule


We believe that all students should have the opportunity to prepare for their personal best